Khaki - 8 yr old Lab Mix

Khaki has been in my life for over eight years now and it was about 2 years ago that I noticed she was increasingly getting stiff and sore after our daily walks and weekend hikes. It saddens me now to think I didn’t do anything for her at the time, but, at that point, I didn’t think much of it. She was fairly young, in a good health, and not a large dog. Dogs can be so stoic when it comes to pain and Khaki was no exception-she would chase squirrels, jump on my couch, and protect her territory from other dogs- seemingly without a care in the world.

I wasn’t aware of the immense pain she was experiencing until one day in September of 2008. We had been walking around our neighborhood when she encountered another dog off leash. Khaki and other dogs don’t always mix well and so I gave her a quick jerk on her leash to pull her in the opposite direction. As I did that, she must have landed awkward on her left leg because she immediately fell to the ground and yelped this horrible sound for about 30 seconds. I didn’t know what was wrong except that my sweet puppy was in an incredible amount of pain and I never wanted to hear her yelp like that again. I immediately rushed her to the vet and they did tests and X-rays on her. The results showed she had extreme elbow dysplasia and had been experiencing pain for quite some time. The vet recommended she take an osteoarthritis drug to help reduce inflammation and pain. The medicine helped but I still noticed Khaki was experiencing stiffness and soreness.

I didn’t know what else I could do for her until a work colleague told me about Mino and Hands on Hounds. I had never really heard of Reiki and energy healing massage for animals but I was willing to give it a shot. And, I am so thankful I did! Mino is wonderful and the results I have had with Khaki are amazing! Khaki has bonded to Mino and it is reassuring to see the relaxation and fluidness Khaki has after her massage sessions. There is no hesitation to jump on my couch when we get home and she is eager to run and play with her brother, Dusty, in the back yard. I’m so thankful for Mino and Hands on Hounds. Not only does her therapy bring peace to Khaki but to me as well. I’m comforted knowing my puppy is not experiencing pain like she did before we started our sessions with Hands on Hounds.

- Annie Cabel

Tank, 8 yr old Rottweiler

When Mino attended an animal massage therapy class, she approached me about using Tank as one of her "case studies".  I hoped Mino could make a difference in the quality of my dog's life.  I was little apprehensive, as Tank is an 8 year old Rottweiler whose injury involved a separation of his pelvis from his spine.  There were also many bone spurs and swelling in his spine due to this injury.  Mino never seemed to be intimidated by his size or the magnitude of his injury.  He has made a strong recovery, which has enabled him to walk up to 3 miles several days a week.  Tank has also been off his pain medication for approximate 3 months.  Due to Mino's kindness and skills in pet massage therapy, Tank has made a tremendous recovery that has even AMAZED my veterinarian.

- Annie Belfiore



Bailey, 10 yr old Golden Retriver

My Golden Retriever, Bailey, is ten years old and as she’s aged, she takes longer to get up and has some stiffness. But now that she’s been receiving regular massages from Mino at Hands on Hounds, I’ve noticed she’s less stiff and has a spring in her step. The evening after the massage, she has a ton of energy and chases the tennis ball over and over again! The look on her face during the massage says it all – it’s my treat to her for being such a wonderful companion and therapy dog, she’s earned it!

 - Amy McCullough  



Blue, 6 yr old Great Dane

Blue is a 180 pound Great Dane.  He is a therapy dog with Denver Pet Partners.  He spends his Sunday afternoons working with the great team of physical and occupational therapists at Life care center in Littleton.  He works as an Animal Assisted Therapy Dog.  Clients in various stages of rehabilitation from injury, surgery, or illness are scheduled for sessions with Blue on a weekly basis.  The therapists utilize Blue to assist with such things as: balance, endurance, ambulation, motivation , but most of all love.

While it would seem that Blue receives more therapy than he gives, (based on all the love and affection that her receives)  His job actually requires an enormous amount of concentration and focus.  He is asked to walk at the pace of clients that are in the beginning stages of rehab, he is asked to hold very still while clients brush him or use him for balance.  These activities require an amazing amount of mental and physical self control for Blue.

Great Danes, as are many large breed dogs, are known for joint problems.  This is why I started using Mino to give Blue massage after his therapy sessions.  Blue is six years old, for his birthday this year I treated him to a Canine Massage with Mino.  We started with weekly Massage for about a month.  This helped to loosen his joints and muscles . He now receives monthly massage.  I have noticed a difference in his Mino incorporates both acupressure and aromatherapy in her sessions with Blue.  She focuses on any trouble areas such as hips, shoulders and neck. I am very grateful for the service that Mino provides as I believe that she is assisting and helping to aide my best friend with a higher quality and more comfortable life as he approaches his senior years. 

- Lisa Hurst



Teller, 6 yr old Australian Shepherd  

Teller had a sliding humeral osteotomy for treatment of elbow dysplasia in March 2009. 

As to be expected, the range of motion in his right elbow was extremely limited after surgery.  Mino has been working with Teller since December. Teller loves his visits with Mino plus his right elbow significantly improved, he is more playful, and a much happier dog. Thanks Mino

  - Jennifer Hail



Emma, 11 yr old Lab/Chow Mix

I’m looking down at my eleven year old Lab/Chow mix. There is a toy between her front legs, totally gutted. A little fluff of cotton batting is hanging off her chin like a doggy soul patch. I get the camera, but by the time I get it turned on to take a picture, she is all ready up and growling at it. This is the same dog that at Christmas wouldn’t get off the couch unless she had to “go outside.” She has nerve damage in her back and back right leg. We have no idea what caused it. She was a rescue, and our Vet believed that she might have been hit by a car when she was younger. About six years ago, out of the blue, she started dragging her leg and paw, and since then, on and off, she’s had difficulties using it, but never for a long period of time; however, the older she got, the harder it was for her to bounce back. Over the holidays this year, we realized we would have to do something. She was losing muscle tone fast and becoming a couch-potato. Our Vet suggested either swimming or massage therapy, and I knew immediately which one I would chose. I knew Mino, and have worked with her and Romeo through my library’s Paws to Read program for just over four years.  I also had bid on and won a gift certificate from Hands on Hounds, her therapy business, at a holiday auction.  After that first session with Mino, I knew we had made the right decision. From the moment that Mino chanted a balancing chakra, Emma totally relaxed and gave herself up to the massage.  Week after week, she became more active, and eagerly looked forward to Mino arriving. Even our anti-social Australian Shepherd loves it when Mino walks in the door. Three months later, Emma’s running on all four legs, and is putting full pressure on her injured one--something she hasn’t done in a long while. I also find that her eyes look clearer--definitely less pain too! But, I think the best change is her attitude. The mass destruction of toys tells the tale. I have an eleven year old puppy on the loose. Thank you, Mino, and your caring hands! 

 - Hillary Davis