About Us

Hi! I’m Mino Fuller, owner of Hands on Hounds, LLC.  I am a certified Canine Therapeutic Massage Therapist (CTMT), a certified Animal Acupressure Therapist (AAT), Reiki practitioner and a member of International Association of Animal Massage & Body Works (IAAMB). 

I received my CTMT and AAT certifications from Rocky Mountain School of Animal Acupressure and Massage. 

In 2002, I adopted two retired racing greyhounds, Gryffin and Romeo.  Gryffin was my first therapy dog.  When he passed away in October 2007, the job was passed on to my current therapy dog, Romeo.  I adopted a female Greyhound, Runza, in October 2008 who is now in training to become a therapy dog also.  We belong to Denver Pet Partners®, a program of American Humane Association, promoting the human animal bond through animal assisted therapy and activity.

My passion is helping working dogs like therapy dogs, service dogs, guide dogs and police dogs, to live happier, healthier and longer lives with my massage and Reiki therapy because they contribute so much to our society without asking for anything in return.  It is my way to pay tribute to my first therapy dog, Gryffin.

My other passion is promoting pet oral health with Oxyfresh.  When I started volunteering with my Greyhounds, the only drawback was that they had bad teeth and horrible breath which was a deterrent to the people we were visiting.  Nobody wants to be close to a dog with bad breath!

I tried many remedies for this problem and nothing seemed to work.  Then, in 2005, I was introduced to Oxyfresh's Pet Oral Hygiene Solution and Pet Gel.  I found the products to be highly effective and they were the solution to my pet's oral hygiene!  I have been using this product ever since and learned how important pet’s oral health can be for their overall wellbeing.  I have introduced it to many other pet owners, particularly those with therapy dogs within Denver Pet Partners who are happy with the results.

To order the Oxyfresh products, please visit my Oxyfresh website: www.oxyfresh.com/minongreys